Fingerprint and photo info

CHL renewal applicants are not required to submit fingerprints* or passport photos** as part of their renewal
application. TXDPS now has the technical capability to use the photo on file and to resubmit the fingerprints
on file for the required background check.

* However, if the fingerprints on file do not meet current FBI or Texas quality standards; applicants will be
required to provide a new set of electronically captured fingerprints using the State’s designated vendor, L-1
Enrollment Services (L-1).

** TXDPS reserves the right to request replacement passport photos in the event current photos do not meet
quality standards and/or a person’s appearance has changed substantially. TXDPS will send notification to
the applicant if new photos are required.
Renewal Process

-  Cost for the renewal class is $60.00.

-  In order to renew your license you must complete the renewal course no sooner than six months before the
expiration date. Check    out our
schedule page for the next available class.

-  See fingerprint and photo info below.

-  You will need to complete the online renewal application with DPS before or after you take the course.

-  Once you have completed the minimum 4 hour course, you will receive the class completion form
(CHL-100.) that you will mail to  the Texas DPS.

-  During the class we will cover the Use of Deadly Force, Updates, where you can carry and more. You will
have to shoot & take the test again.

-  For Range Qualification information,
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