State of Texas CHL FAQ's  (click here)
How long is the class?
Minimum 4 hour class plus range time.

How much does the class cost?
CHL $50

What does the course fee include?
The fees for each course include both the classroom and range portion of the course.

Is there a state fee for getting the concealed handgun license?
There is a fee of $140 paid to the State of Texas

Where is the course conducted?
The course is usually held at the Bass Pro Shops in Katy TX or at other locations I have reserved when needed.
Range proficiency assessments are conducted at my private range in Katy.

How often are the CHL courses held?
The class is generally conducted on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Check out our Schedule for the next available

Can I still take the course even if I do not yet own a handgun?
Yes. You do not have to own a handgun to take the CHL course. You may use the semi-automatic handgun (9mm
Beretta) that I provide for the range proficiency assessment; however, you will be required to provide 50 rounds of
ammunition for the test. Gun rental is $10 dollars or bring an extra 50 round box of 9mm. $25 for  gun & ammo
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