NEXT C.H.L. and Renewal Class: August 20, 2011.
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Concealed Handgun License: $100.00
License Renewal $60.00
Cash or check, no credit cards.

One day class held at the Bass Pro Shops in Katy Texas!
Money back if you don't pass the class!

Class location: Bass Pro Shops,
5000 Katy Mills Blvd.  Katy Texas.

Start Time: 8:00 am

What you should bring.
$100.00 cash or check. (No credit cards)
Drivers License
Lawn chair for range.
Gun & 50 rounds of ammo.
$25 dollars and I will supply both gun and 50 rds of ammo.
Rain gear, change of shoes or mud boots in case of rain
More than one magazine if possible

Class Outline:
Range Qualification
Government Codes
Safe handling and storage
Deadly Force Statute
Non-violent Dispute Resolution
Conflict & Dispute Resolution
Firearm Safety
Packet verification.